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Re: RFC: debhelper changes for perl module packages -- AUTOMATED_TESTING and verbose tests

Thanks for this, gregor. I think you might have misunderstood me, though.

What I meant to say was:

Maybe the reason we don't enable this option more broadly, is because packages do not have tests that would benefit from them. In other words, we only enable the environment variable in response to a message like "Tests skipped, please set AUTOMATED_TESTING to a true value."

I guess it's easiest to illustrate this as a matrix:

1. Tests only run if AUTOMATED_TESTING is true
2. No tests requiring AUTOMATED_TESTING to be true

4. AUTOMATED_TESTING is not explicitly enabled

So in all:

1 & 3 -> 36 packages as you have identified
1 & 4 -> I don't believe there are many of these, but obviously if we are not enabling AUTOMATED_TESTING, we need to find out why (and disable those tests if needed). These are the problematic ones because these are where we would need to disable AUTOMATED_TESTING (e.g. set it to false) explicitly. The points indicating that these would be failing on CPAN anyway are fair, though.

2 & 3 -> we wouldn't have any reason to do this today
2 & 4 -> I would expect this to be a great majority of packages, which has the same effect as if AUTOMATED_TESTING were true

Therefore this seems like a reasonably safe change to me.

On Tue, Sep 17, 2013 at 5:52 PM, gregor herrmann <gregoa@debian.org> wrote:
On Mon, 16 Sep 2013 10:15:18 -0400, Jonathan Yu wrote:

> > I don't think it is mass practice to have this in debian/rules. I've
> > grepped through all group's packages and found only 36 debian/rules
> > files with AUTOMATED_TESTING in them.
> Is this because only 36 packages have those tests enabled, or is it because
> the other packages do not skip any tests based on that variable?

They are all for explictly enabling the tests:

% grep AUTOMATED_TESTING */debian/rules
libarchive-zip-perl/debian/rules:   AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libdata-random-perl/debian/rules:   AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libdbd-csv-perl/debian/rules:   AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libdbd-firebird-perl/debian/rules:export AUTOMATED_TESTING=1
libdevel-dumpvar-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libdist-metadata-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libfile-which-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libimage-math-constrain-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libmath-random-isaac-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libmodule-extract-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh build
libmysql-diff-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test -- test_files="$(TEST_FILES)"
libnet-traceroute-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libobject-destroyer-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh build
liborlite-statistics-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libparams-coerce-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libparse-dmidecode-perl/debian/rules:   AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_configure
libpod-markdown-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libpoe-perl/debian/rules:   AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libppi-html-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libppi-xs-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh build
librrd-simple-perl/debian/rules:export AUTOMATED_TESTING := 1
libspreadsheet-parseexcel-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libspreadsheet-read-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libsql-abstract-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 \
libterm-readline-perl-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libterm-readpassword-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 $(MAKE) test
libterm-title-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libtest-cpan-meta-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libtest-needsdisplay-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libtext-diff-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libtext-greeking-perl/debian/rules: AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 MANIFEST_WARN_ONLY=1 dh_auto_test
liburi-todisk-perl/debian/rules:    AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test
libvalidate-net-perl/debian/rules:  AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 $(MAKE) test
libx11-guitest-perl/debian/rules:   AUTOMATED_TESTING=1 dh_auto_test

(And some are set in interesting places. *cough*)


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