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Re: Group logo

Don Armstrong dijo [Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 03:05:40PM -0700]:
> > Debian is "open source". 

For those purists around there, Debian is Free Software.

> > So it satisfies the conditions here, given that in normal English,
> > the interpretation of "and" in 'open source _products_ and
> > non-commercial _sites_' is disjunctive. So you can use the logo,
> > with permission, and you can put the logo and the Debian swirl on
> > a page together. How closely you can meld them would require
> > negotiation.
> Anything that we distribute in Debian in the main repository needs to
> be distributable and modifiable for any purpose.

Of course, if this logo is going to sit (like the Debian Games logo)
in a webpage, it is not as such distributed by Debian, and can be not
strictly DFSG. But still, I'd rather not use non-DFSG artwork.

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