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Re: Group logo

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Gunnar Wolf wrote:
> MJ Ray dijo [Tue, Jul 01, 2008 at 04:42:48PM +0100]:
>>> It might be ok if you put the unaltered camel logo (circular)
>>> on the left side of a box and put the debian logo on the right (or vice
>>> versa).  They are happy for you to use the logo and only object to
>>> alterations.  So juxtaposition is likely alright.
>> Where does it say they are happy for us to use it like that?  Uses of
>> debian include commercial uses (DFSG 6 OTTOMH) and they don't seem to
>> give any permission for that.
>> The permission that they do give might be adware, but I'm not sure.
> Even if they were, that would not make the logo DFSG-free. 
> Today I read this thread in the morning - I thought of coming up with
> an idea, but I don't know any graphical tools (I can ask our designer
> to lend me hers, of course). My idea was two straight text lines and a
> swirl-shaped text, saying "use strict; use DFSG::Free;", in the
> following way:
> #!/usr/bin/perl
>       ####
>     ###  ###
>    ##     #
>    ##    #
>     ###
>      ##
>       #
>    debian
> (of course, the text would go in the place of, and in the color of,
> the swirl)... Like it? :-}
I was thinking something like that :) I love it.

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