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Re: ocaml and lindows.com

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 04:59:51PM -0800, David FOx wrote:
> We have done several projects here using ocaml, because me and two other 
> senior engineers here have a long history with functional programming 
> languages.  I wrote the back end of the Click-n-Run software warehouse 
> in ocaml.  This takes the Debian repository and reprocesses all the 
> packages to generate the database information used by the front end (the 
> catalogue) and modifies the packages so that they fit into our 
> distribution, modifying and generating KDE menu entries and so forth.  
> This turns out to be a little more complicated than it first sounds, 
> because you have to modify the version numbers on the packages, and then 
> you have to modify all the equals dependencies, and so on and so forth.

I'll be very interested in this code. Where can i  have access to it ( even
if it is dead code, i really be interested in reading -- and copying it

> The other major use is in our new hardware detection system.  I 
> basically did a literal translation of a lot of perl code we inherited, 
> which is my excuse why it is still pretty ugly.  But it had to be 
> drop-in compatible.  This version isn't available for download yet, but 
> it will be late in the year.  There are ocaml components that manage the 
> boot loader, the PCI device mapping, and the X configuration.

Very promising... 

> There are also small programs that manage things like scanning the 
> system for mime types and building a mozilla configuration file.  There 
> is also a build environment creator, similar to pbuilder.  And I wrote a 
> little cgi program called jiffytask to turn bugzilla into more of a 
> project manager.  So far the only ocaml code whose source you can access 
> from our website is lindowsos-mimetypes - search for it in our warehouse 
> and click on the specifications page for the link.  It is completely 
> uninteresting, another translation job turning weird little xml files 
> into another big weird xml file, but it make Mozilla happy.  The 
> detector will be available when our next release comes out.  The 
> warehouse program is, unfortunately, retired.  It is being rewritten by 
> others in (sniff) Perl.  We regret this somewhat, but we didn't want to 
> push people into a language they weren't comfortable with.

I agree that it is very hard to see this beautifull langage being
replaced by this ugly PERL ( :-> ). I think that is what we call

All your program seems to be very promising, i am really interested in
reading some part of your code, if you can.

Kind regard
Sylvain LE GALL

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