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Re: versioned libraries dependencies

On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 10:07:34AM +0100, Sven Luther wrote:
> Yes, here we are speaking about _build-dependencies_, and i have thought
> a bit more bout it, and it seems to me that this is really only needed
> in build dependencies, and thus only for the -dev packages (for build
> dependencies).

Uhm, no the problem is not only for build dependencies, but also for
normal dependencies.
Example: pxp build-depends on netstring, rebuilding netstring with a
different interface will cause pxp to become unusable. Even if pxp has
the right build dep on an old version of netstring installed pxp package
doesn't violate dependencies.

I want that a new version of netstring will be uninstallable
contemporary to a version of pxp built against a different netstring

This is really similar to the virtual ocaml-3.06 package, we have both
build-dependencies on ocaml-3.06 _and_ normal dependencies on

Anyway we have for sure the implication (build dep on
libA-ocaml-dev-<version>) -> (dep on libA-ocaml-dev-<version>).

Anyway the contrary isn't true, we can in many case also have an
unversioned build dependency but need a versione dependency because, for
example, adding a method to the netstring interface doesn't inhibit pxp
to build against netstring _but_ inhibit already built pxp package to be
linked along with netstring because the md5sum is surely changed.

Returning to your example Sven, adding "val sven" to lablgl doesn't
inhibit lablgtk to be build against lablgl, but inhibit lablgl and
lablgtk to be linked at the same time.

Thus in most case we need the versioned dependency but an unversioned
build dependency.

Regarding the .so I've still to finish reading Sven's mail ...


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