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Re: purge_ld_conf.pl [Was: Re: the move to stublib]

On Sat, Sep 07, 2002 at 04:53:00PM +0200, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> > I was just thinking to explicitely call ocaml-ldconf -R ... until
> > woody+1, but if you change your mind and agree with a centralized
> > solution .... :-)
> But we can do the -r <version_number> thingy, it only needs (i guess) a
> little change to the dh_ocamlld stuff (well, i am no perl guy, so ...)
> it would just mean analyzing the @ARGV to see if the first of them is
> "-r version" or something such. Perl is supposed to be able to do this
> easily, is it not ?

Sure, but is better to use a getopt approach, anyway ... the problem is
not in Perl use by itself is that debhelper script are yes written in
Perl, but heavily based on the Debian::Debhelper module that do a lot of
jobs, including argument parsing.

To access command line arguments you have not to work directly with perl
functions that handle them, but you have to know the debhelper perl
module and use hooks provided by it.

I know perl, but I know nothing of the perl debhelper interface, but
surely who have written dh_ocamlld can apply the changes you are
thinking at with really few efforts (assuming that: (1) he knows the
debhelper perl module, which sounds reasonable and (2) debhelper perl
module supports them, which again sounds reasonable).


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