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Re: tuareg et/ou ocaml-dev ?

Sven> BTW, ralf, we could have ocaml install everything so that it
Sven> proposes to use ocaml-mode by default, and have ocaml-utils
Sven> propose to switch that to tuareg-mode, either system wide , or
Sven> user wide (don't know if this is possible) or at least tell the
Sven> user what to do to make use of it.

itz> Yes, I think that's what Ralf proposed, and it makes sense.  The
itz> ocaml package could set up both the autoloading of caml-mode.el
itz> and its use for all the appropriate file types in the startup
itz> file.  The utils package can just say in its README how to modify
itz> that setup per user.
itz> So, nothing special needs to be done for the utils (as long as
itz> the file names don't conflict: is tuareg really in
itz> tuareg-mode.el?).

Remi> yes, but there is also a camldebug.el file, which is also in the
Remi> standart ocaml mode. There are similar, but different (one is a
Remi> modification of an earlier version of the other.

Ouch.  That will have to be changed, I am afraid.  Even if we install
the modes in separate subdirectories, autoloading still requires that
the filenames be unique (AFAIK).

Ian Zimmerman, Oakland, California, U.S.A.
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