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Re: Vasyl Gello: Declaration of intent to become a DC+account

On Fri, May 29, 2020 at 08:49:49PM +0000, Vasyl Gello wrote:
> > I'd like to add that while experimental is the proper place for
> > staging 19.x uploads for unstable (since the major release update will
> > start a transition) I would like to avoid doing many git snapshot
> > iterations in experimental because experimental is a global resource
> > and every kodi upload generates ~350MB of binary packages per
> > architecture (archived at https://snapshot.debian.org 
> <https://snapshot.debian.org> forever).
> is very new to me so I propose now to drop tags only to Salsa git but 
> upload tags once per month.

honestly, I'm not sure it makes any sense at all to do even monthly
snapshot.  The goal of Debian is to be a releasable, stable
distribution, not to be the staging area for random snapshots.
It makes sense to do one or two rounds of uploads to check everything
builds everywhere, etc, but after that I don't personally see much value
to regularly push there stuff.  Stage all of 19.x once that's ready,
then move it all to unstable, done.

> I also encountered a couple of issues with multimedia-team/kodi* 
> repositories.
> First, the current "upstream" branch in all kodi* repos points to 18.x 
> Leia upstream sources, and it will be updated
> with bugfixes even after 19.0 goes official. Git does not allow me to 
> create a new branch "upstream/19.x",
> because "upstream" branch already exists. So I'd like to rename "upstream" 
> branch in all 15 repos to "upstream/18.x"
> to conform with DEP-14. This will allow maintaining addons targeting 18.x 
> "Leia" and "19.x" Matrix without intersections.

Just remember that changing that also means tweaking the debian/gbp.conf

> Second, I found out that component tarballs used by Kodi must be 
> explicitly specified in "gbp buildpackage" invocation.

I can't help out much, since I don't really use `gbp buildpackage`

> > --git-component={cpluff-0-1-4,libdvdnav-6.1.0,libdvdread-6.1.1,webinterface-default}

I'm worried.
libdvdnav 6.1.0 is also in Debian, why is it being bundled here?
libdvdread is also in Debian, also with version 6.1.1
so is cpluff, though with an higher version 0.2.0
So, what is it with all these library bundled up?

doesn't really explain that, I can only think that back then the
libraries in the archive weren't suitable for use by kodi, but even if
they weren't I'd have expected to have them be made suitable...

I recommend you work toware removing those components instead of
figuring how to work with them.

> If this is the only way to kick off build correctly, I will propose the 
> new default-on setting "--git-all-components" iterating
> through pristine-tars and exporting the whole source with component 
> tarballs.

That's not quite feasible due to how the components are handled by
dpkg-source.  There is no sure-fire way to know what are components from
within a source package, and you can't quite rely on pristine-tar being
there either.

With all this said, could I ask you to take this discussion elsewhere,
since it's entirely off-topic for debian-newmaint@ (as well as quite
useless for the NM archive ^^).  Thank you!

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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