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Re: Vasyl Gello: Declaration of intent to become a DC+account

On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 11:18:26AM +0000, Vasyl Gello wrote:
> I realized that I replied on Mattia's previous email off-list, so let me restore the context.

This also makes it easier for me to reply ;)

> > That's just
> > not the way porterbox are used: they are there for only test builds,
> > debugging architecture-specific failures or other similar situations.
> I think the clarification of statuses, eligibility criteria and expected use-cases should be
> highlighted on the "Request a guest account" and similar webpages of nm/Site Wizard.
> Something like:
> "You should request a guest account only if you want to get one-time access to Debian build machine
> (porterbox) to debug a failed build or architecture-specific bug..."
> would instantly clarify the questions otherwise shed in the mailing list yet raised again and again.

That's likely a good idea.  Could you please open a issue on
https://salsa.debian.org/nm-team/nm.debian.org/-/issues for this?
I reckon there should be wiki pages and things around that we could like
to it at the very least.

> Immediately after Mattia's response I was thinking on using OBS or Ubuntu Launchpad, but Jonathan's reply:
> > Vasyl seems to be preparing beta packages of Kodi 19.0; this seems like
> > an appropriate use of experimental (until 19 is properly released) and
> > possibly backports (for backports to buster). That'll get the
> > autobuilding and the distribution covered and would just need a Debian
> > Maintainer account that the multimedia team could then give upload
> > access to for the appropriate packages?
> persuaded me that I should probably go the "experimental" path.
> What are my next steps apart from fixing the packages and uploading them to experimental?

Jonathan also mentioned being a "Debian Maintainer", but IMHO you are
not quite elegible for that either, since you are not yet maintaining
anything, and usual DM rights are granted after several sponsored
uploads (where "several" is highly dependant on each case, but generally
*I* would expect at least a dozen _clean_ uploads).
Even minechangelogs doesn't find anything from you at all, not even
mentioned in any changelog so far.

IMHO, your only way forward here is to:
 * obtain commit rights in the debian-multimedia group if you haven't
   (and really, if you haven't already asking for DM is way too early)
 * do whatever work you need to do there in the git repository
 * work out a sustainable workflow with a DD willing to help you, so
   that sponsoring dozens/hundreds packages at once won't drain both of
I honestly thought the latest was already done when I read your DC+ga
Because I expect that no matter your previous contributions elsewhere
outside of Debian, there will be something that your sponosr will find
while reviwing your first works.

> Should I close the DC+ application now?

I think so, yes.

> If you are interested, please join the discussion in debian-multimedia mailing list.

Your first email from you was on May 2nd, to which I see no answer, a
couple of RFSes and ITPs.

You mentioned you are in touch with Balint, what path did he recommend?
(asking because he didn't follow up publicly in any of your mails I can
find in my archive).

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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