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Re: Vasyl Gello: Declaration of intent to become a DC+account

Hi Mattia!

>That's likely a good idea.  Could you please open a issue on
>https://salsa.debian.org/nm-team/nm.debian.org/-/issues for this?
>I reckon there should be wiki pages and things around that we could like
>to it at the very least.

Will do for sure later today :)

>I honestly thought the latest was already done when I read your DC+ga
>Because I expect that no matter your previous contributions elsewhere
>outside of Debian, there will be something that your sponosr will find
>while reviwing your first works.

>You mentioned you are in touch with Balint, what path did he recommend?
>(asking because he didn't follow up publicly in any of your mails I can
>find in my archive).

The whole story is as follows: I have been using Kodi from Debian since 2018 (17.6),
then I decided to migrate to 18.5 after my family HTPC's HDD died. 

Having 19.0 with new features like PVR catchup support available only on Ubuntu made me to package it for buster/amd64.
Now I run the intranet private repo which allows me to update Kodi on my local hosts in unattended mode.

Later on, I decided to reach Balint & offer the patches I prepared for 19.0. He told me to register on Salsa and make a merge request
against experimental branch. Also he motivated me to start packaging stuff because Kodi 18 uses Python2 which is deprecated and Kodi 19
uses Python3.

In the beginning of May, I finally decided to bring up full repository of Kodi binary-addons and created the automated pipeline building the whole archive,
running lintian checks et al. Following Balint's advice (email cited in the initial "Зашифроване повідомлення" message), I attempted to start a discussion in 
debian-multimedia list. 

At the same time, I revised the dependencies and made them properly build on buster and sid/amd64. I filed the ITPs and RFSs for libshairplay & libudfread because Balint mentioned he has no sponsoring rights. Also I have a pending bug against flatbuffers.

Now I do have the packages building and used on buster/amd64, passing lintian checks (except of kodi-pvr-freebox requiring a rewrite of OpenSSL-backed HMAC hashing and Base64 encoding, kodi-audiodecoder-dumb requiring a rewrite to use libdumb 2.0.0 and kodi-visualization-{milkdrop,projectm} requiring overhaul of projectm to Git trunk).

For the reason of no replies in debian-multimedia, I started filing requests on my own and eventually requested the DC+ account.

I will close the request later on and fix remaining package todos :)


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