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Re: Vasyl Gello: Declaration of intent to become a DC+account

Hi Mattia, Jonathan!

I realized that I replied on Mattia's previous email off-list, so let me restore the context.

> I believe that you might be confused about the scope of a "guest
> account".

You are right. I noticed that late night reading another member's DC+ application back in April.

> That's just
> not the way porterbox are used: they are there for only test builds,
> debugging architecture-specific failures or other similar situations.

I think the clarification of statuses, eligibility criteria and expected use-cases should be
highlighted on the "Request a guest account" and similar webpages of nm/Site Wizard.

Something like:

"You should request a guest account only if you want to get one-time access to Debian build machine
(porterbox) to debug a failed build or architecture-specific bug..."

would instantly clarify the questions otherwise shed in the mailing list yet raised again and again.

> Unfortunately we do not have such infrastracture in place to allow
> contributors to build all their packages targetting something outside of
> the archive, in a OBS-like fashion.

This should be also highlighted at least in Developer / New maintainer FAQ.

Immediately after Mattia's response I was thinking on using OBS or Ubuntu Launchpad, but Jonathan's reply:

> Vasyl seems to be preparing beta packages of Kodi 19.0; this seems like
> an appropriate use of experimental (until 19 is properly released) and
> possibly backports (for backports to buster). That'll get the
> autobuilding and the distribution covered and would just need a Debian
> Maintainer account that the multimedia team could then give upload
> access to for the appropriate packages?

persuaded me that I should probably go the "experimental" path.

Should I close the DC+ application now?
What are my next steps apart from fixing the packages and uploading them to experimental?

> Biased observer who runs Debian packaged Kodi

Welcome to the testers club! :) I have been running Kodi 19.0 since beginning of April on buster/amd64
and things are pretty stable. If you are interested, please join the discussion in debian-multimedia mailing list.

Vasyl Gello

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