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Re: Search Debian New Maintainers

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 08:55:38PM -0300, Litia Maga wrote:

> Thanks for your help and all your relevant comments. First, I´d like
> to clarify that I´m asking about the New Maintainer Process which
> people become a  Debian Developer. You are right when you say that all
> Debian Developers were new at one point in time, but I am looking for
> Debian Developers who passed through the New Maintainer Process in the
> last 12 months (1 year).

Ok, I guess that excludes me then ;)

> About the question 3, I apologise if you felt insulted. It really
> wasn´t my intention. Fell free to ignore the question if you want. But
> it´s important to say that this question will help me to determine
> what drives someone to become a Debian Developer even through such
> hard process as the New Maintainer Process.

It's not the question itself that I thought insulting, just the suggestion
that anyone would go through the hard work of becoming a Debian developer
for as trivial a reason as "I hate Microsoft Windows".

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