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Re: AM report for Andree Leidenfrost

Troy Heber <troy.heber@hp.com> writes:
>> He will probably get it empty in the next 6 weeks, at least I hope
>> so.
> Obviously that is the news I want to hear. However, it doesn't really
> solve the problem. It means that the DAM has to work really hard,
> process 25 people, get burnt out and we start the whole process all
> over again. 

No, that's not what will happen. Joerg quit his job (planet.d.o is a
wonderful source for Debian related information) and will have a more
free time in the next few weeks. In that time, he can process the
backlog created in two years and then go back to the "normal" DAM
workload, which is normally not more than one applicant per week.

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