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Re: AM report for Andree Leidenfrost

Thijs Kinkhorst <kink@squirrelmail.org> writes:
> On Wed, 2005-12-21 at 11:58 +0100, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
>> Before: one DAM.
>> Now: two DAM.
>> Sounds like an improvement to me.
> From what I've heard, we don't have two active DAMs who work in
> parallel. That might be outdated of course.

No, it's more or less correct. At the moment, James Troup is not
checking reports on a regular basis.

>> Giving somebody root accounts on all Debian project machines is not lightly 
>> done, so I can understand that we don't have a 20-people DAM committee.
> We have 900+ developers, so finding around 3-4 people which we grant
> that privilege shouldn't be that hard.

It simply is. There are few people who are trusted enough to do this
job, of these almost nobody has a noteable experience with NM. And of
those 3 or 4 people that could be able to help, most are swamped with
other work.

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