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Re: AM report for Andree Leidenfrost

> (up to 8 months...)

/me waves

> He will probably get it empty in the next 6 weeks, at least I hope
> so.

Obviously that is the news I want to hear. However, it doesn't really
solve the problem. It means that the DAM has to work really hard,
process 25 people, get burnt out and we start the whole process all
over again. 

Would it be possible (more effective) to process N applicants a
week/month?  That would make the wait in the queue much friendlier,
because the wait wouldn't be arbitrary. You could even add in a rule
saying out of the N people X need an account immediately, which solves
the starvation issue. 

For example processing 5 people per month (in order) where 1 of the 5
can be an out of order selection. 


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