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Re: Application: Anybody out there?

* Florian Effenberger <florian@effenberger.org> [2002-08-29 14:55]:
>> If you say where you live that should be no problem.  Others might be
>> mobile and willing to travel around.  After all a signed key is better
>> accepted.  I doubt that the DAM would do your account if you play lazy
>> but would just have to get your foot out of the door.
> I live about 100km south of Munich. In Munich, there are plenty of
> developers, but at the moment, I am not very mobile, as I mentioned :-)

 weasel kindly told me about this list -- maybe one of the people there
is willing to meet you; the one or the other might be traveling
near/through your town anyway.

 For the debian-muc readers: Florian should get his key signed by a
Debian-Developer.  Maybe he will tell you the town where he lives, he
hadn't told me after asking twice yet *shrugs*

 Have fun,
>ich habe schon einige Firewalls ausprobiert (Zonealarm, Norton und Jana) aber
>die Tiny gefällt mir am besten.  Nun meine Frage: was ist TCP und UDP und ICMP?
Uebernimmt die Hausratversicherung Bissmarken in der Tastatur?
  -- de.comp.security.firewall, <slrna084jl.ob9.sjaenick@azathoth.jaenicke.org>

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