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Re: Application: Anybody out there?


> weasel kindly told me about this list -- maybe one of the people there
> is willing to meet you; the one or the other might be traveling
> near/through your town anyway.

Thanks a lot, maybe we can work out something there! :)

Now I just need someone to re-assign a new AM to me so we can get through
all other steps. :)

> For the debian-muc readers: Florian should get his key signed by a
> Debian-Developer.  Maybe he will tell you the town where he lives, he
> hadn't told me after asking twice yet *shrugs*

Oh, sorry, wasn't meant to be so. I told you where it is, but not it's name,
sorry, missed that one out. It's 87600 Kaufbeuren, 100km south of Munich.

Thanks again,

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