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Application: Anybody out there?


I applied as a Debian maintainer on May 10th, 2002.

I used 'floeff@web.de' (my account for this purpose) as mail address, so you
can find the details on

Now it is nearly September, and nothing has happened really. I sent some
documents (what I intend to do, a copy of my passport as I do not have a
signed key and a copy of some qualifications) to my Application Manager,

However, it seems as we are not getting through. Marcelo told me he seems to
have problems with his SMTP server, and this seems to be true as I don't get
many messages from him. I'm still stuck and don't know what is going on
right now. I sent two messages in the last days, no reply.

Please don't misunderstand me, this is no complaint about Marcelo, he tried
to work everything out, but somewhere, there seems to be a problem, even if
it is just the fact that he is too busy or has SMTP trouble ;)

As I wrote, I have been waiting for nearly four months now - even the local
authorities are faster sometimes :-)

I really would like to go on, this is why I am sending this message. Can you
help me, please?

A little bit disappointed about the time and formal stuff it takes just to
get 'approved', but still looking forward to contribute,

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