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Re: Application: Anybody out there?

* Florian Effenberger <florian@effenberger.org> [2002-08-27 18:40]:
> Now it is nearly September, and nothing has happened really. I sent some
> documents (what I intend to do, a copy of my passport as I do not have a
> signed key and a copy of some qualifications) to my Application Manager,
> Marcelo.

 I can't really help you with your application -- but what's the problem
with getting your key signed?  Your name sounds german to me, and there
are *plenty* of developers in germany, and in austria (don't know about
the swiss though).

 Just curious,
Defaults sind dazu da von DAUs ignoriert zu werden und damit die
Support-Stellen (aka #debian.de) zu verwirren.
                                        -- #debian.de

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