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Re: Application: Anybody out there?

* Florian Effenberger <florian@effenberger.org> [2002-08-28 11:21]:
> Hi Gerfried,

 Well, it went to the list, too.  So no need to address me personally :)
Oh, and I tend to read the lists I write to, so it would be nice if you
can leave out the Cc:s, thanks  (on the other hand I don't know of
casual writers to lists if they read them.  If you do please notice it
and I'll skip that Cc: to you).

> Yes, indeed there are, but at the moment I'm not very mobile. And there
> should be no problem with accepting a passport and a drivers license...

 If you say where you live that should be no problem.  Others might be
mobile and willing to travel around.  After all a signed key is better
accepted.  I doubt that the DAM would do your account if you play lazy
but would just have to get your foot out of the door.

 The signed scanned photo of the passport/driving license is a thing
that is there for people that are far off from other developers, not for
lazy people.

 Again, if you could tell us where you live we might be able to arrange
that someone shows up at your place to get your key signed, if you can't
move yourself.

  * *sigh* I finally upload a fixed get-foo-flags and the next day a new
    upstream comes out.
  * oh, new upstream, btw.
 -- Marcelo E. Magallon, changelog.Debian for wmaker (0.64.0-1)

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