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Re: Jackd hell and other oddities

Marco Ghirlanda escribe:
> According to my experience the biggest obstacle both to Mac and Windows
> audio (and also generically creative people) creators for switching to
> Linux is not faults or lacks of our beautiful Free Software  (not
> always), but:
> 1) Too many tech barriers. On this list and please forgive me for being
> a bit rude I just again have to listen in 2007 people saying that
> editing /etc/security/limits.conf it's an easy step for users.
> No comments, here, really. Talk sometime to a non geek human and you'll
> get easily and fast the idea. Really: take a mac user and say: hey shiny
> guy, come in our Linux world: you just need to edit
> /etc/security/limits.conf!
> And watch his reaction...It was funny and inspiring for me. Until us
> "advanced" users do lots of this kind of tests we have no hopes, sorry.

It could be like that in your community. Here in Spain people just ask
"No Cubase, no Reason, no Ableton Live there!? Shit!" Which is
specially funny given that they usually are non authorized users of
that privative software. They use cracks and never payed a pennie for
using them. Maybe that's the point, they've always been using software
"for free", why should they be using "free" software?

> The point for me is not to have a Multimedia kernel but a "Server"
> Kernel and a "Desktop" Kernel. Main uses of a Debian box and of Linux
> box in general (I think 90% of people would fall into one of this two).

Agreed. Why not a tasksel option? If you select no desktop packages,
then install a server kernel. If you select desktop packages, then
autoconfigure a preemptive kernel plus rtlimits plus high resolution
timer in sysctl.conf, etc.

Cordially, Ismael
Ismael Valladolid Torres  m. +34679156321
La media hostia           j. ivalladt@gmail.com


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