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Re: Jackd hell and other oddities

> I believe that here Marco means "if you install windows from scratch
> and you compare to debian, installed from scratch, then windows is
> more responsive".
> If my interpretation is correct,
> according to
> your experience is the installation of a multimedia/desktop kernel on
> a plain Debian (or Linux) distribution enough to fill the
> responsiveness gap?
According to my experience the biggest obstacle both to Mac and Windows
audio (and also generically creative people) creators for switching to
Linux is not faults or lacks of our beautiful Free Software  (not
always), but:
1) Too many tech barriers. On this list and please forgive me for being
a bit rude I just again have to listen in 2007 people saying that
editing /etc/security/limits.conf it's an easy step for users.
No comments, here, really. Talk sometime to a non geek human and you'll
get easily and fast the idea. Really: take a mac user and say: hey shiny
guy, come in our Linux world: you just need to edit
And watch his reaction...It was funny and inspiring for me. Until us
"advanced" users do lots of this kind of tests we have no hopes, sorry.

2) Responsiveness on Linux: Multimedia kernel + security limits + Hdparm
+ Build packages for 686 or even more optimized flags. It's going a long
way Free to get things up here comparing to Winz/Mak.
And you know it Free, because I know you ;-) And I appreciate your work
for years now, not hiding it.
>   >>1) Include in Debian a Multimedia/Desktop Kernel
>   IVT> I agree it should also be available an apt-get away nevertheless.
> This is actually not that straight. I've tried to that myself about
> one year ago, and the feedback from the debian-kernel folks was really
> positive, but also clear in the "guarantees" that the possible
> multimedia kernel maintainer should offer. I was basically said that
> if I wanted a multimedia flavour to be added, I also had to be
> available to provide support for the security updates, both in stable
> and in testing. This request is pretty reasonable to me, but also
> quite demanding, and I'm not sure if we, as Debian Multimedia Team,
> have the forces to keep with such a task.
Can you sum this up this in steps? Like:

1) Build a kernel
2) Upload it
3) Notice the security bug
4) Rebuild
5) Reupload


The point for me is not to have a Multimedia kernel but a "Server"
Kernel and a "Desktop" Kernel. Main uses of a Debian box and of Linux
box in general (I think 90% of people would fall into one of this two).
This should be seen from the kernel team as a priority and I cannot
understand why it's this not real yet. I see clearly that this is a real
limit to Linux adoption for masses but maybe I'm just a distorted viewer...

> but I also agree that we can do much better.
Free, you give me hopes as usually ;-) Do better, please. My friends
musicians will buy you a gift for this, they promised me.

As for Daniel suggestions on Alioth/Demudi I suggest not to ask to
anybody else than "real" Debian devs.
Other people could have done many things in the past but in the present
they nearly disappeared...
A restyling/cleaning of Multimedia Debian is nearly a must, IMHO.

Ciao, Marco

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