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Re: Fuloong Mini - netboot register dump

于 2012/12/14 17:25, Roland Kammerer 写道:
BTW:“bl" should be "al" --> auto load?
not sure about that. I used "bl" and at least that part worked. I found
the "bl" version here on the yeeloong wiki page (
http://wiki.debian.org/DebianYeeloong/HowTo/Install ). "al" leads to
"command not found".
emm, I made a mistake. bl is a command, while 'al' I said is a env variable to enable automatically boot(without typing pmon commands)

A register dump normally means early kernel panic(before the
framebuffer console is initialized and used),
are you sure the kernel is ok?
It isn't a register dump from the kernel, sorry I should have made that
clear. It is that kind of register dump that comes from pmon/the
fuloong. That is even before the kernel kicks in. If I load "vmlinux"
and "initrd.gz" manually, it is that kind of dump that happens right
after I press "g". Definitely not a kernel dump.
Yes, I know that. So it often means the kernel cannot run correctly. But for your posts in this case the kernel itself is ok, it is the too big initrd messing up things.


Regards, rck

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