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Re: Lemote eeLoong 8089 mips based notebook repository switch

Please give the system version(cat /etc/debian_version) and the machine
descript(model/color/serial number printed in the motherboard side battery

We will try to reproduce.
>> I confirm that without load the machine is stable (> 1 day). I'm
>> now trying again gcc testsuite with the scaling_governor you suggested.
> Machine froze (no ping / no ssh / nothing in kern.log / black screen)
> after 2h06 minutes of ~1 load with scaling_governor at performance. I'm
> retrying with a shell script to record ps fauxwww each second in case it
> will catche something.
> Since my problem looks deterministic any advice on what to look at or
> try welcomed.
> Thanks in advance,
> Laurent
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