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Re: Lemote eeLoong 8089 mips based notebook repository switch

> I currently have stability problem: when I launch the GCC testsuite
> the lemote hangs after a while, screen is black (but not blank),
> keyboard has no effect and according to ssh tail -f nothing in kern.log.
You mean it is still alive and can be sshed into?
Maybe you can try to turn off dynamic cpufreq because it is not yet well
echo performance > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_governor

> It happened the two times I tried the testsuite so I'm currently testing
> without load to see if it's stable as is (just a shell loop dumping into
> a file each minute). The notebook is plugged in and sits on a table
> during my tests.
> Anyone experiencing similar issue?
> Thanks in advance,
> Laurent
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