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Re: Experimental MIPS 2.6 kernels - please test

* Harald <vdwerff@gmail.com> [2006-02-20 11:06]:
> > (And what about Ethernet?)
> Works fine now, looks like a problem in the userland.

That's what I thought too... I don't quite know what's going on there
but the following lines from your previous boot attempt looked quite

Feb 17 13:38:21 x0 init: Switching to runlevel: 6
Feb 17 13:38:25 x0 modprobe: FATAL: Error running install command for sound_slot_0
Feb 17 13:38:30 x0 /usr/sbin/gpm[1240]: oops() invoked from gpn.c(205)
Feb 17 13:38:30 x0 /usr/sbin/gpm[1240]: /var/run/gpm.pid: No such file or directory

> I did not look into detail what went wrong or why at all bind9 influences
> scripts called from rcS.d (?). I just removed the bind9 package and the O2
> is booting fine now. I might have a look at this later, as it was not a
> problem before.. )

Ah, okay.  So you still see the problem when you install bind9 again?
i.e. it's not related to the problem I mentioned above?
Martin Michlmayr

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