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Re: Experimental MIPS 2.6 kernels - please test

On 2/18/06, Martin Michlmayr <tbm@cyrius.com> wrote:
I've uploaded 2.6.15-3+mips8 now.  Can you please check if your
keyboard works now?

keyboard works :-)

(And what about Ethernet?)

Works fine now, looks like a problem in the userland.

(What went previously wrong: rcS.d/S40networking kept hanging and so did the booting process. Now I could have a look at the process table, it appeared that bind9 was somehow giving trouble when the dhclient tried to set /etc/resolv.conf.
I did not look into detail what went wrong or why at all bind9 influences scripts called from rcS.d (?). I just removed the bind9 package and the O2 is booting fine now. I might have a look at this later, as it was not a problem before.. )

By the way, before it ran Thiemo's 2.6.12 kernel from


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