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Re: O2+ kernel, framebuffer & installer state?

Christian Luijten wrote:
> > Debian has currently no support for O2, mainly because the developers
> > have either no such hardware or not enough time. It is however
> > relatively simple to add installer support once the kernel is stable.
> I don't quite follow how the whole mips arch is organized. Is there an
> install kernel which works on all mips machines like on i386 where you
> get a generic kernel for the installer and you can compile your own
> specific kernel afterwards? Or does every model need a specific kernel?

The mips architecture is much more diverse than i386, so there can't
possibly be a generic one-size-fits-all kernel.

> I already saw in the Debian on Indy howto there is a tftpboot.img
> available, but that one seems to be specifically for an R4k on an IP22
> mainboard.

IP22 with r4k/r5k is supported, others like Origin, O2 and sb1-swarm
are likely to follow. AFAICS each will need its own kernel.


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