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Re: Changing SONAME in library version

Le 14/05/12 16:31, Olе Streicher a écrit :
> Hi Thibaut,

Hi Ole,

> Thibaut Paumard <mlotpot.news@free.fr> writes:
>> Le 14/05/12 15:06, Olе Streicher a écrit :
>>> Some of the "out-of-date" excuses, however, result from the SONAME
>>> change (libcplcore12 --> libcplcore20), and I don't know hoe to handle
>>> them. 
>> As part of the transition, libcpl*12 will be removed from the archive,
>> which will suppress this "excuse" (so don't worry for that yet).
> Can't I remove them myself (together with the old esorex and python-cpl
> versions) when they all are in unstable?

Actually the removal from SID should occur automatically:

But the removal from testing is part of the transition and managed by
the release team.

In any case, the package won't migrate until you have resolved the
FTBFS: that's the real problem at hand.

>> However, I don't get the deal will libcext-dev: why is it still at 5.3.1
>> whereas libcext0 has been updated to 0.6?
> The cause for the RC bug is just that I accidently removed the
> libcext-dev section from the debian/control file. Simply re-inserting
> does the job (already done in the git repository; not uploaded yet
> because of the unresolved FTBS).

You should include this information in the bug report and tag it "pending".

Regards, Thibaut.

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