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Re: RFS: open-axiom

30.08.2011 16:03, David Bremner пишет:
> On startup, I get 
>    (HyperDoc) read_ht_db: No ht.db file found.
> before the rest of the startup messages.
> Weirdly, the basic help commands I tried seemed to work, but I don't
> really know what to expect.

I saw this message after making symlink
/usr/lib/open-axiom/share/hypertex -> /usr/share/open-axiom/hypertex

And can't reproduce it after purging old version
and clean install of new version.

I guess, you have *upgraded* previous packages with new ones?

I don't know why directory /usr/lib/open-axiom/share/hypertex
keeped on upgrade.

Please, check whether /usr/lib/open-axiom/share/hypertex is a symlink:
# ls -lh /usr/lib/open-axiom/share/hypertex
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 34 Авг 29 16:17
/usr/lib/open-axiom/share/hypertex -> ../../../share/open-axiom/hypertex

If not - purge old packages:
apt-get purge open-axiom\*
and install new.

ht.db is actually present:
# ls -lh /usr/lib/open-axiom/share/hypertex/pages/ht.db
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 396K Авг 29 15:57

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