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Re: News about the mentors.debian.net transition to upgraded software

On 14/08/11 at 17:07 +0400, Stanislav Maslovski wrote:
> Well, then it is a shame that the system has not been given even a
> slight test since all these years...

On 14/08/11 at 17:18 +0400, Stanislav Maslovski wrote:
> You shold have asked for external testing and help *BEFORE* switching
> mentors.debian.net to the new system.

On 14/08/11 at 21:18 +0400, Stanislav Maslovski wrote:
> That "you" above supposed to mean "people who care about debexpo and
> take active part in its deployment."
> [...]
> Well, then it means that there was not enough publicity in this
> process. I hardly remember hearing anything about debexpo before I
> found yesterday that the system on mentors.debian.net was replaced by
> a new one.
> Another reason why people cared so little about it was, probably,
> because the old system worked all right. At least, I do not recall
> having any problems with it myself.

Come on, Stanislav. Don't behave so badly. Such comments are very
demotivating for people who put their free time into debexpo. Of course
it's not perfect and still needs work, but:
1) debexpo was available (on expo.d.n) since the end of July, and
apparently you didn't care about testing it back then.
2) debexpo is a very promising piece of software, that could play a key
role in solving one of Debian's biggest problems.

Being able to report bugs (even annoying ones) while still being polite
and helpful is a very important skill in a free software community.
Apparently you don't have that ability yet. Now, let's hope that all
(potential or present) contributors did not run away after reading your
messages. Because *you* would be the one to be blamed, then.


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