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Re: RFS: free42

Again, no need to CC me :)

> Oh yes, i did not see the second patch (I'm not sure how it appear,
> maybe when i was playing with quilt).

According to the patch header, it has been created by dpkg-source. I
can't remember the exact process, though.

> Well, there is only one option: -skin, I'll put it in the man page.
> But the upstream comes with other documentation than two README files
> that overlap. I will figure what to do with that. Might be an upstream
> issue too.

Documenting this and give a pointer to the full documentation may be
> >   - Probably an upstream issue, but I find it confusing to ship two
> >     binaries that differ only in the way they interpret numbers. IMHO
> >     that should be a command-line switch or a menu option.
> I've looked quickly to the sources, move that 'option' into a switch
> will be a very big patch, but i think debian have a solution for that.
> May be i can build two packages, and use update-alternatives to handle
> that problem. Is that an acceptable solution for you ?

Alternatives makes sense when two packages provides the same service.
With free42, different users may use different settings (or, a user
may use different settings). Building two executables is fine. You can
even have a single manpage (see for example grep, egrep, rgrep).


Etienne Millon

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