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Re: RFS: sphinxsearch

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Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> 1) rules - have you though of using dh7 style? (just %: dh @ with
> overrides) Or is there a _specific_ reason for debhelper 5
> compatability? (lenny has debhelper 7 so it should be easy to
> backport) With debhelper 7 your rules will become much smaller. See
> man dh and other revelant for details.

This is because I need a package for etch too and the one package works
across the board without problems using dh5. Is this the wrong way to do it?

> 2) rules - please consider running the test suite here (*hint* needs a
> variable in rules)

I've been looking around for this but can't find any documentation for it.

> 3) copyright - there is DEP#5 proposal for the machine parsable
> copyright file (it's not a rule or anything). If you like it try using
> it. [1]

I'll look at this later on.

> 4) changelog I'm sure that it should be (Closes: #NNNNN) e.g. [2]


> 5) control - are you using a version control system for your
> packaging? (I would suggest you do, bzr-builddeb and git-buildpackage
> are very strong contenders and both support pristine-tar, ie. saving a
> small binary delta to regenerate an identical tarball at build-time)

I'm using git-buildpackage.

> 6) control - I'm sure your long description is too short (it's abscent).....


Lintian now shows as clean with one more pedantic bit and the X: notes
I'll report upstream and get fixed there.

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