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Re: RFS: sphinxsearch

On 12/05/2009 19:56, Tom Simnett wrote:

Ben Finney wrote:
Jérémy Lal<jerry@edagames.com>  writes:
These command names are rather too generic. Perhaps they should be
prefixed with ‘sphinx-’?

These all look like installing the package with the wrong options to
‘configure’, but that's a guess.

Either write something useful in the README.Debian, or remove it if it's
not needed for the package.

Perhaps Lintian was never run on this package before uploading it?
This has now been re-uploaded. The manpages don't exist, and as there is
no ITP bug, it can't close it, so those warnings remain. Apart from that
it appears to me to be clean.
I'm not a mentor or DD, but you can:
1. Write man pages yourself - pick template from
2. Open an ITP bug for sphinxsearch yourself - just file a bug (using
reportbug tool) against wnpp package.

My 2 cents :)

I now have an ITP bug resolved and manpages. This package is now lintian
clean according to lintian :)
i just had a quick look at it (as a novice), as i'm willing to use it :
- usr/sbin is listed in debian/dirs but not really used ?
- watch file is missing
- /usr/share/doc/sphinxsearch should contain the doc provided by sphinx source tarball, such doc should be properly registered using doc-base and docs file.
- provide a README in the /usr/share/doc/sphinxsearch so that once the package is installed, one knows what's left to do to get it working

Jérémy Lal.

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