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Re: RFS: sphinxsearch

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Jérémy Lal wrote:
> On 12/05/2009 19:56, Tom Simnett wrote:
>>>> Ben Finney wrote:
>>>>> Jérémy Lal<jerry@edagames.com>  writes:
>>>>> These command names are rather too generic. Perhaps they should be
>>>>> prefixed with ‘sphinx-’?
>>>>> These all look like installing the package with the wrong options to
>>>>> ‘configure’, but that's a guess.
>>>>> Either write something useful in the README.Debian, or remove it if
>>>>> it's
>>>>> not needed for the package.
>>>>> Perhaps Lintian was never run on this package before uploading it?
>>>> This has now been re-uploaded. The manpages don't exist, and as
>>>> there is
>>>> no ITP bug, it can't close it, so those warnings remain. Apart from
>>>> that
>>>> it appears to me to be clean.
>>> Hi!
>>> I'm not a mentor or DD, but you can:
>>> 1. Write man pages yourself - pick template from
>>> /usr/share/debhelper/dh_make/debian/manpage.1.ex
>>> 2. Open an ITP bug for sphinxsearch yourself - just file a bug (using
>>> reportbug tool) against wnpp package.
>>> My 2 cents :)
>> I now have an ITP bug resolved and manpages. This package is now lintian
>> clean according to lintian :)
> i just had a quick look at it (as a novice), as i'm willing to use it :
> - usr/sbin is listed in debian/dirs but not really used ?
> - watch file is missing
> - /usr/share/doc/sphinxsearch should contain the doc provided by sphinx
> source tarball, such doc should be properly registered using doc-base
> and docs file.
> - provide a README in the /usr/share/doc/sphinxsearch so that once the
> package is installed, one knows what's left to do to get it working

Thanks for your suggestions Jérémy. I've added the docs from the source
package, and added a README.Debian file in with some additional

As regards the watch file, this is correct. Currently the download site
gives a 403 Forbidden on the downloads directory:
www.sphinxsearch.com/downloads and I've reported this as a bug to
upstream. When this is made available, I'll add the watch file, but for
now this is useless.

New upload in place on mdn.

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