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Re: RFS: blueman

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> Would it not be better to improver bluez-gnome? or work with the
> bluez-gnome developers and choice one project to officially support. I
> think all the missing features that bluez-gnome does not bring will be on
> the developers todo list for bluez-gnome. I am afraid for segmentation
> and supplicated efforts.

I don't know what has been the initial reason for bluez-gnome.
Personally I don't think it's up to the bluez team to provide a GUI,
they should better have put the efforts in their command line tools, as
you remarked. In my eyes bluez-gnome is neither highly developed nor
necessary... ...and it's name is quite unfavorable. Maybe the bluez team
would quit bluez-gnome in favor of blueman since it's just superior (not
sure, but I wouldn't expect things in bluez-gnome that could be brought
to blueman, so a merge makes no sense), but that's up to them and not my
or the blueman upstream's cup of tea.
Of course Debian can quit support for bluez-gnome, but I wouldn't remind
that, since it's never a bad idea to give the user a choice and it's
somehow bound to the bluez package.

Anyway, whatever the right strategy to enhance (desktop independent)
bluetooth GUIs should be, blueman definitely brings many advantages and
outplays its alternatives so it has to be shown to developers and users.
I think it's absolutely reasonable to add it to Debian.

So I'm still looking for a sponsor! ;-)

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