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Re: RFS: blueman

Jelle de Jong wrote:
> This program looks nice, but I would like to see a very detailed
> explanation how it difference and what the relation is with:
> gpe-bluetooth
> bluetooth-applet (gnome-bluez)

As mentioned (applies to bluez-gnome as well) - blueman brings audio,
input and dial-up support and some advanced features like access point
setup. Since supporting the basic PAN and file transfer features too,
blueman completely replaces bluez-gnome. The author tries very hard to
ensure compatibility.

> What for is policykit-gnome dependency exactly used?

For accessing the system settings. I hope future versions will introduce
another solution for that. As I said, the author promised to distance
from gnome and replace/remove some gnome dependencies, but that process
will take some time.

> Does the program has a command line only interface, i am missing command
> line tools to pair successfully with all bluetooth devices.

No. It's GTK only. I think bluez's own means include sufficient command
line tools (like hcitool). Don't they?

Christopher Schramm

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