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Re: New package : aodv-uu / looking for a mentor

Hi Fabien,

On Saturday 30 August 2008 16:22, Fabien Cellier wrote:
> I mean that it *could* be the best implementation of rfc3561.

Ok :)

> I cannot answer this. I personally used it successfully with 3
> computers. For largest scale test, please refer to upstream author.

Ok. (I probably wont do that, etoobusy :)

Especially with wireless mesh networks real life tests are really important as 
there is a lot of wireless interference. Basically wireless is a shared 
medium. So what works well with 3 or 5 machines, might not work so well with 
50. How it works with 1000 nodes (sharing and not sharing wireless band), is 
yet another question. (Because of issues within the medium or because of 
algorithm issues/decissions.)

> This can wait a little, and be sponsored after the "lenny rush", don't
> you think ? :)

Sure :) Just prepare the package and announce it here. And (while you wait for 
a sponsor,) maybe you can look at the RC bug counter at 
bts.turmzimmer.net ;-)


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