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Re: New package : aodv-uu / looking for a mentor

Hi Fabien,

On Saturday 30 August 2008 02:15, Fabien Cellier wrote:
> This is a routing protocol based on RFC3561 for Ad-Hoc networks. This
> implementation seems to be the "best" available.

(Why) do you think it is the best protocol for ad-hoc networks? Or do you mean 
this program is the best implemenatation of rfc3561?

What is the largest scale (test) setup which has been done with 

</seriously curious>

> I think it would be a good idea to make it available for every Debian
> users.

Probably, yes. But we are in a freeze atm, so no new packages are possible. 
That's also why I'm currently not interested in sponsoring aodv-uu, I rather 
concentrate on fixing release related stuff. "Sorry" :-)

> Please CC me on your answer.

Done. (No need to cc: me, I read debian-mentors@.)


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