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Re: New package : aodv-uu / looking for a mentor

Hi Fabien,

On Saturday 30 August 2008 02:15, Fabien Cellier wrote:
This is a routing protocol based on RFC3561 for Ad-Hoc networks. This
implementation seems to be the "best" available.

(Why) do you think it is the best protocol for ad-hoc networks? Or do you mean this program is the best implemenatation of rfc3561?

Hi, and thank you for your answer !

I mean that it *could* be the best implementation of rfc3561.

Well, when I was searching the web for information about it (few month ago), this was the impression I had.

What is the largest scale (test) setup which has been done with aodv-uu/rfc3561?

</seriously curious>

I cannot answer this. I personally used it successfully with 3 computers. For largest scale test, please refer to upstream author.


It must have been tested by some other universities as well. There is an IPv6 patch provided by the University of Buckingham, for example.

I think it would be a good idea to make it available for every Debian

Probably, yes. But we are in a freeze atm, so no new packages are possible. That's also why I'm currently not interested in sponsoring aodv-uu, I rather concentrate on fixing release related stuff. "Sorry" :-)

I thought it could go to unstable in the meanwhile.

Anyway, releasing lenny is more important, and this package is not something critical.

This can wait a little, and be sponsored after the "lenny rush", don't you think ? :)

Please CC me on your answer.

Done. (No need to cc: me, I read debian-mentors@.)

Thanks. And I won't cc: you, I promise. :D


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