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Re: New package : aodv-uu / looking for a mentor

Stefan Ott a écrit :
On Saturday 30 August 2008 02:15, Fabien Cellier wrote:
This is a routing protocol based on RFC3561 for Ad-Hoc networks. This
implementation seems to be the "best" available.
(Why) do you think it is the best protocol for ad-hoc networks? Or do you
mean this program is the best implemenatation of rfc3561?
Hi, and thank you for your answer !

I mean that it *could* be the best implementation of rfc3561.

Well, when I was searching the web for information about it (few month ago),
this was the impression I had.

AFAIK aodv-uu doesn't run with recent kernels (>2.6.22) - or was that fixed?

Damn, it seems you're right.

I just tried on a 2.6.25 kernel, but it does not compile.

Well, I suppose this delays everything...


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