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Re: Package requiring a customised version of libc6

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Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Then what about using ptrace and overriding syscalls in the way
> usermodelinux used to do it?

Yes, indeed; that is currently looking like the best approach. Not only does
it provide the low-level interface that upstream wants, but it also works on
statically bound binaries and on anything else that makes syscalls directly.
I'm a little worried about performance, but it can't be that bad or UML
wouldn't use it.

I'll suggest it to upstream. Thanks for the link.

(Incidentally, the more I look at fakechroot the more I'm coming to believe
that it's no use for anything whatsoever. The security aspects of it are...
erm... nil; it's trivial for the client app to break out of its jail. Is this
a potential problem?)

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