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Re: Package requiring a customised version of libc6

On 24/08/07 at 01:26 +0100, David Given wrote:
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> Don Armstrong wrote:
> [...]
> > The people who have responded to you so far strongly suspect that it's
> > not worth the effort, but without knowing why the glibc we already
> > distribute can't be used, it's hard for us to give you a definitive
> > answer.
> *nods*
> As far as I can tell --- I've contacted upstream to confirm this --- what
> plasticfs wants to do is to override the underlying system calls

Then what about using ptrace and overriding syscalls in the way
usermodelinux used to do it?

You could point your upstream to this article:
Rapid File System Development Using ptrace
Richard P. Spillane, Charles P. Wright, Gopalan Sivathanu, and Erez
Should still be available from
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