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Package requiring a customised version of another package

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I have an application I'd like to package --- plasticfs. Unfortunately, due to
glibc weirdnesses, it needs a copy of glibc built using custom (non-standard)
options. Is this doable, or is it likely to be a lost cause?

Note: it doesn't need the customised version to be *installed* --- all it
needs is the .so somewhere private where it can find it.

I suppose the worst-case scenario is where I have to ship a copy of the glibc
source along with the plasticfs source and build it there... which is pretty
horrible. Not the least of which is trying to keep the various version in
sync. Of course, my build process *could* just do 'apt-get source glibc' and
patch the result...

Is there a smarter way of doing things?

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