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Re: Sponsoring gcc-h8300-hms

> Whatever orig.tar.gz you used to build is NOT the one in that URL. That's
> what is wrong with it.  Size and md5sum do not match what is in the .dsc.
Ooops, don't know what has happend there. However, I've just prepared a new
version, which should hopefully fix all the problems; it still provides the
directory /usr/binutils-h8300-hms/ and such it is not entirely
lintian/linda-clean, but at the moment I wouldn't dare moving this directory as
I've got no idea what a proper place would be and I'm too afraid that this
changed would break more than it is worth.

Henrique, thanks for all your patience and quick responses!


PS.: As before, the files can be found at http://www.model.in.tum.de/~tautschn/debian/

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