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Sponsoring gcc-h8300-hms

Hi guys,

sorry for replying that late, I've been too busy to do anything about your
offers. However, Christoph has been as kind as to upload a new version of the

I'm still interested in maintaining these packages, but I'm not a DD and thus
I've got to rely on sponsorship.

Furthermore, I'd like to add some notes: Probably brickos and the Lego
Mindstorms Kit is the only use of this and related packages. As such I wonder
whether it is worth trying to upgrade to binutils 2.16.x and gcc-4.x, because
this very outdated version of binutils and gcc just works for this very special

The reason for an upgrade is probably #392957, but solving this one some other
way might save a lot of time and pain.

Thanks again,

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