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Re: Sponsoring gcc-h8300-hms

On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Michael Tautschnig wrote:
> Furthermore, I'd like to add some notes: Probably brickos and the Lego
> Mindstorms Kit is the only use of this and related packages. As such I wonder

Some embedded controller firmware out there are h8300-coff as well, so no,
Lego Mindstorms is not the only user.  But it is probably the major one.

> whether it is worth trying to upgrade to binutils 2.16.x and gcc-4.x, because
> this very outdated version of binutils and gcc just works for this very special
> application.

I don't know about gcc, but to binutils 2.16.x, yes, it is worth it.  It is
also dead easy: get the latest binutils packages in sid, apply the
debian/ directory to 2.16.x, and tweak debian/rules a bit to instead of the
normal build, do a crosscompiler build.

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