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Re: Problem with one package that use php License

Hi, Joost

.  Which is bogus.  Furthermore, the license says:

Products derived from this software may not be called "PHP", nor
may "PHP" appear in their name, without prior written permission
from group@php.net.

This means you should have written permission before you are allowed to
publish a derived product (such as a Debian package) called
"php-xml-serializer"_something.  If I understand this all correctly,
Debian should have such a written permission before it can publish such
a package, too.

Hum, I understood that problem is name's package,   php-xml-serializer.
If I change to ,,  ex. pear-xml-serializer, .  Solve problem ?

Perhaps it'd be best to politely ask on the PEAR developers mailing list
what they think about the PHP license on code which does _not_ include
the Zend engine nor PHP itself.  As suggested on Debian legal, some
explanation about packaging PHP-licensed PEAR modules would be welcome.
I tried to contact upstream developers, but just 2 answer me, and asked why they can change license. I tell why to them and one didnt answer and another tell that he wont change license.

Unfortunately, quite often people are not very keen on discussing
licensing issues :(
Yes,,  this is true.

jose Carlos

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