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Re: Problem with one package that use php License

Joerg Jaspert escreveu:

On 10403 March 1977, Jose Carlos do Nascimento wrote:

I understood that my packages wont be accepted, .
But if upstreamer doesnt want to change license, what can I do ? Put in non-free or contrib ? or just put in my own ftp ?

Not with a PHP* license, no. Get them to change it.
non-free would be possible, as we basically only need distribution
rights, but I personally wouldnt do that work. :)

As I said in another email, I tried to convince they to change, but I hadnt success :(

I just want to package these packages , because they are required by another package that are required by horde3.
If these packages arent installed,  horde can run  with a little problems :(

Jose Carlos

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