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Re: RFS: auctiongallery -- Generates picture galleries and HTML templates for auction descriptions

Stan Vasilyev wrote on 18/08/2005 19:46:
> The current version (0.9.2) does not yet allow users to have their own
> config. All config is stored in /etc/auctiongallery and all templates go
> to /usr/share/auctiongallery/templates. All auction pictures and
> descriptions go to /home/auctiongallery.

I don't see a problem with _allowing_ such a configuration, but I would
not make it the default and certainly not mandatory.

> I can make a new version and add features that allow users to have their
> own settings, like ~/auctiongallery/auctiongallery.conf,
> ~/auctiongallery/templates and ~/auctiongallery/auctions.

Well, why not make it "~/.auctiongallery/config" and if that doesn't
exist use /etc/auctiongallery.conf instead. In there, default to using
"~/auctiongallery/auctions" for output. This would allow the
administrator to change that default to /home/auctiongallery/ to get
your current default configuration (you could even ask a debconf
question "Do you want a global, common output directory or per user
directories" to switch between the default I proposed and your current
behaviour - don't forget to ask where to put the common output if your
behaviour is requested). Use the global templates by default, but allow
the users to override it in ~/.auctiongallery/config (or by using the -c

> However that
> kind of defeats the purpose of my software because it is aimed at eBay
> powersellers who have many employees. The way I have auctiongallery set
> up at my work is the following. All auction descriptions and pictures go
> to a common directory /home/auctiongallery. All users have the same
> config and the same templates unless they run auctiongallery with -c and
> -t overrides. That way all employees are part of one team and everything
> works nicely.

That's nice for you, but don't expect everyone to want the same
behaviour. I know at least two powersellers which don't have employees
and work from the same Linux system (at their "normal" workplace,
actually, with their boss allowing that). They certainly wouldn't want
to use the same config and templates.

Just make your software as broadly usable as possible, don't limit it's
use without sufficient reason.


PS: You should still improve your quoting style.

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